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SKU: 854195007128

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If you’re looking for a dark and indulgent treat without the carbs, then we’ve got you covered. This Chocolate Keto Shake is made with high fat real dutched cocoa, coconut oil, grass fed bovine collagen protein, a pinch of sea salt and other delicious natural ingredients.


Ketologie Chocolate Keto Protein Shake | Best Ketogenic Nutritional Shake | Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Keto Shake | Helps Burn Fat, Increases Energy & Kickstarts Ketosis

Use it as a shake or follow our recipe instructions to make hot chocolate, chia pudding/breakfast, mochas and more!!

You don’t have to eat 75% of your calories from fat, all the time. But, if you do want to… Finally, you can just get on with moving toward your goals, without worrying about how you’re going to get into – and stay in – ketosis.



  • KETO-FRIENDLY PROTEIN POWDER: These delicious keto shakes are a great product for anyone following the keto diet. Each serving includes 14 g of protein from all natural, grass-fed collagen peptides. You’ll also get 25 grams of fat to keep you satisfied with all the necessary macronutrients you need as you maintain ketosis.
  • MADE WITH CLEAN INGREDIENTS: This sugar free shake mix uses our proprietary blend of organic erythritol and stevia, and coconut oil powder to keep you full and satisfied with high-quality fats. It makes for a great snack, or post-workout drink. Our customers love its creamy, delicious texture!
  • CURB CRAVINGS AND MANAGE HUNGER: Many people use the Keto diet to kick the sugar habit, and this nutrition shake is a great way to manage those sugar cravings. Its low-carb formulation is a great way to keep you lean, and it includes dietary fiber to keep you full and satisfied so you aren’t tempted to overeat throughout the day.
  • NATURAL FLAVORS: Choose from vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors to use in all sorts of delicious ways. The collagen protein in this formula, along with the coconut oil, will keep you full while helping you maintain ketosis.
  • VERSATILE & DELICIOUS: It’s super to easy to incorporate this keto protein shake into your routine. Mix it with your morning coffee for a nutrient-dense latte, or mix it up with nut milk or water in a shaker bottle or blender. You can even mix it into a smoothie! It’s a great way for busy men and women to incorporate keto-friendly protein into their diets.


Net WT 38.1oz (2.38lb)

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